Second Life

Record Tracklist

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  2. -:-- / 2:04

Second Life is the debut single of CLIFF. Both the single Second Life and an instrumental bonus track Autumn Tears, mixed and produced by Reinhard Vanbergen (a well respected Belgian musician and producer), were released on the 21st of November 2019 on all major online platforms. You can listen to both songs on this page/website or via one of the online platforms (Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Google Play, Deezer, Amazon to name just a few – see links on this page or in the top menu).

About Second Life

Second Life is one of the first songs CLIFF ever wrote, originally on a friend’s guitar after a night out – even though CLIFF couldn’t play the guitar at all at that time. Therefore CLIFF started to play the song on the piano later on. Almost a decade later, under the gentle pressure of some friends to finally record some of his songs professionally, CLIFF was brought into contact with musician and producer Reinhard Vanbergen. It was Reinhard who decided to record this song out of all other songs CLIFF had already written so far.

Reinhard Vanbergen playing a pedal-steel guitar during the recording session of Second Life.

Second Life obviously refers to the well known same-titled online game, although it conveys a more general message of a “imaginary” world wherein people are only connected to each other virtually behind the so perceived “safe” online barriers, rather than through real life contacts, but still end up with the confronting feeling of loneliness after all…

In the cover of Second Life you can see CLIFF with his head in opposite directions: a way to express the idea of a person who doesn’t know in which direction he should go in his life. The sunglasses can be seen as a way to resemble the idea of hiding your true identity.

Lyrics of Second Life can be found here or on Musixmatch.

About Autumn Tears

Chord scheme of Autumn Tears (originally titled “Rising Sun” as can be seen in this picture).

Autumn Tears started with only three chords and formed the basics for the main melody you can still hear in the final song. It was always perceived by many as a simple, but very beautiful melodious song. Nevertheless, the song remained in the musical drawers for a long time, and therefore even remained untitled. Later, a friend of CLIFF who was one of the first supporters of this song, named it “Rising Sun”.

The song was also the first choice of producer Reinhard Vanbergen to record as the debut single of CLIFF, rather than Second Life. He asked CLIFF if he could come up with some lyrics to accompany with the melody of the song, but a week later CLIFF returned with empty hands but the conviction that it should stay as a pure and instrumental song that speaks for itself…

Reinhard Vanbergen playing one of the string parts in Autumn Tears.

Nevertheless, producer Reinhard Vanbergen still wanted to record this song and it was therefore added to the release of Second Life as an instrumental bonus track. The title of the song however, was eventually changed to Autumn Tears, not only because it fits more closely to the “mood” of the song (partly due to the strings arrangements added by Reinhard Vanbergen) but also because CLIFF went through a rather difficult period when the song was being mastered (autumn 2018). In that respect Autumn Tears can also be seen as an example of how music can serve as a therapy, a way “to wash away the dust of every day life”…