CLIFF‘s YouTube-channel has now been verified as an official artist-channel (which can be recognized by the “♪-icon” next to the artist name, as shown above). Although there is not so much content available at the moment, CLIFF will upload more content in the future, such as snippets from live performances or demo recordings of unreleased songs.

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After a deliberate consideration I decided to switch from distributor. My new distributor is Distrokid. However, as a consequence of this switch, my debut single/EP Second Life, along with its instrumental bonus track Autumn Tears, might therefore temporarily appear twice in the online music stores/platforms. This should be fixed in the following days.

Please follow this link provided by Distrokid to the (most popular) online stores where my songs are currently available!

“When you feel so tired, but you can’t sleep”, sings Coldplay‘s leading member Chris Martin in their renowned song Fix You. In several interviews Chris Martin admits he often finds trouble falling asleep, while at the same time those sleepless nights might also be a source of musical inspiration. Despite my dreamy expression in the picture below, Martins story sounds all too familiar to me. When my mind keeps troubling about something and keeps me away from falling asleep, songwriting can bring a lot of relief to me. Last night was one of those sleepless nights, but in the end I came up with this…


Goodnight Lisa
Lyrics of "Goodnight Lisa" by CLIFF © 2020

iPhone demo recording of "Goodnight Lisa"

Sometimes all you need is a picture of nature’s beauty to inspire you in writing new songs. In this case, it was a picture of a double rainbow, taken near Ghent (Belgium) by CLIFF on the 10th of January 2020.


Lyrics picture of “Rainbow” – an unreleased song by CLIFF (2020)

Lyrics of “Rainbow”

I saw a rainbow today
I saw the colours through the rain
It even washed away
The pain of yesterday

So sunlight, come on in
Sunlight, bright up my day
And starlight, be my rainbow
At night...

Now the road might be dark
But it vanishes in the vast
There will always be a spark
Even if a rainbow doesn't last

So sunlight, come on in
Sunlight, bright up my day
And starlight, be my rainbow
At night...

(Still working on the song ánd the lyrics, so stay tuned!)